Products I Love


Ariel's Nutrition That Keeps Her Energy High

You know that not all nutritional products are created equally and you want supplements that are safe and you can feel the difference when you take them. When I got pregnant my energy tanked and I could barely get out of bed. This company helped me completely turn my energy around so that I can serve people in my business and my body at the highest level. They are continuously innovating with the top scientific research and are trusted by over 300 professional and Olympic athletes around the world. New York Times best selling author, and frequent guest on Oprah, Dr. Christiane Northrup highly recommends this company as well. 


Danielle Laporte Desire Map Facilitator Program

When I first read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, I knew it would change the way I lived my life. “You’re not chasing a goal. You’re chasing a feeling.” When I read that, something shifted for me. Goals with soul. Totally transformational.

Danielle took that book and turned it into workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum for teachers of all kinds.

The Desire Map Facilitator Program is creating abundance and transforming lives all over the world. I’m one of those lives. 


Build Your Email List And Run Your Business With Ontraport

Ontraport is my favorite customer relationship management system. It allows us to seamlessly grow my email list, create opt in pages for new freebies, comes with a membership site built in, send email campaigns, create sales funnels, and have an affiliate program all within one system. And I taught myself how to use it, which means that it's not confusing! I highly recommend it if you're transitioning to running your first group program or paid online course. 


Legal Contracts To Keep Your Business Secure

My lawyer Genavieve Shingle is the best of the best when it comes to legal contracts for coaches and online service based entrepreneurs. Her contract templates are made just for you if you want your business to be completely protected, you're tired of losing sleep over clients not paying you, you're ready to do a JV project, you're running your first online program, and more. She's honestly got every type of contract template you could possibly need! 


Damsel Goes Bare Complete Legal Course

Don’t leave your business running around naked! You need armor, protection, and also to feel warm and cozy while you’re doing it, right? Damsel goes bare™ is here to get your business covered!  Templates, customization, & how-to’s,to get your business legally covered. You can click here to enroll in the live legal course or grab the LITE legal course now and get started covering your booty asap.


Client Scheduling And Payments All In One

If you're looking for a simple tool to handle all of your client scheduling and payments, this is it. Acuity is what we use in my business to schedule clients, automatically create client email reminders, and it integrates directly with Stripe, Paypal, Zoom and Squarespace.