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Ariel was the first coach to truly give me the loving (but firm!) kick in the butt that I needed to actually start accessing the power I knew I was capable of bringing as a coach. Before we started working together 1:1, I’d literally made $2,500 the ENTIRE year before. Ariel invited me to make the powerful decision to really do what was necessary for my business, and it totally paid off. I made $20k in sales and $12k cash during our first month together! It’s all thanks to Ariel showing me that I can do business based entirely on my intuition, and giving me the permission slip I needed to do things my way. If you get the opportunity to work with Ariel, take it, because she truly is a powerful mentor to have on your side.
— Niki Wells Philadelphia, PA, USA Success Mindset Mentor
I’ve never felt more powerful than the day I signed up for this program. Before I was working with Ariel, I was barely scraping by and just hoping and praying the next client would come, one at a time. I didn’t know how to use my intuition in my structured business, and I didn’t know how to make money consistently as a coach. Luckily, the day I signed up for Ariel’s program, the whole game changed. She made me realize I am the authority of my own life! I then made my biggest sale yet, $4,500, and became fully booked. I then had a $19,000 month in sales which was my biggest month in sales yet. I’m so grateful to Ariel for her service mindset and strong coaching. She saw my purposeful potential and lifted me to my own next level. I finally feel like I am in the drivers seat, following and creating my own desires.
— Colleen Coles, Charlottesville, VA, Purpose Coach
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