Do you want to be fully aligned and connected with your highest self and soul truth?!

That’s what we’re doing here. There are essential things that you must do to get connected to this place on the daily and receive actual aligned guidance.

Because we know from your experience (and mine too, of course) that there’s a huge difference between reacting to your environment slash current reality (yes I just wrote out slash) verses acting from aligned soul truth.

So let’s get down to business connecting back to all that is aligned and true within you.

Are you up for that level of transformation? I hope so. 💚

Spiritually Heightened Training

  • Learn how to step into the person who you know you’re meant to be now! This is you being the leader you know you are.

  • Get crystal clear on exactly what you desire so that you’re always calling in that or something even better!

  • I’m showing you how to stay in alignement all day long and my actual practices to do this day in and day out so that I always know the next right action for me to take to get the outcome I want. Big results, baby!

  • Receive even more accurate divine downloads when you dive into this work and connect to Source energy.

  • Create even more aligned marketing that speaks directly to the core heart and soul of your desired client. I literally channel all of my marketing and that’s what you can do too!


Get immediate access to this recorded training, pulled directly from one of my most popular programs The Spiritual Badass Business Bundle.


Who is Ariel Frey?

Ariel Frey is a spiritual coach, intuitive messenger, and business mentor, building a 7 figure empire. She has had a multiple 6 figure business for over 3 years, worked with students from around the world, and helped clients create results like their first $20K months and multiple 6 figure launches.

Ariel is a mama to a toddler and lives with her husband in Chicago. She bought an airstream on a whim and is currently having it renovated for her family to travel across the US in 2019.