“I'm on track to becoming a 6-figure coach”


Michal Hochman

"I had the life-changing opportunity to work with Ariel when I decided to finally play big and go all in with my passion in health, spirituality, and transformational life coaching.

What happened during our journey together exceeded any possible expectations! When I began, I was dreaming about doing what I love full-time: traveling, nourishing my body + soul, and living in pleasure, purpose, and fun while working with amazing human beings getting life-changing results

When we finished, I was doing all of the above and almost instantly getting on track to become a 6-figure coach by consistently reaching and exceeding my monthly goals. What I thought would be a 6-figure year I can now feel will be a 7-figure one from my sheer joy, confidence, and self-love.

This ALL started with Ariel's spot-on, motivational, and badass coaching that helped me see I'm freaking amazing at what I (and only I) do. She had amazing effects on my life as a whole and my connections in friendship, relationships, family and self have all reached new heights.

Ariel is the woman who started it all. She saw the fire within me, the God/Universe given gifts that are unique to me, and the strength to make it all happen. She changed my life forever. Giving me the fuel to live the life BEYOND my wildest dreams. And it JUST. KEEPS. GETTING. BETTER!"

Michal G. Hochman
Copenhagen, Denmark
Holistic Health Coach + Healer, Spirit Guide, and Iyengar Yoga Teacher

“I Booked $213,000 In Sales And $113,000 In cash In 30 Days”

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 10.31.25 AM.png

Mariah Coz

"In December when everyone else was packing it in for the year I decided to make a big pivot in my business and take on clients, create a small group program AND a Mastermind. Of course I hired Ariel to help with the transition! We've booked in $213K in sales just from the new offer in one month, with $113k in cash."

Mariah Coz, CEO At Mariah Coz



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