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Maria Hayes

Maria is so gifted in easily recognizing clients patterns and seeing the exact gaps in their business. When she came to me she was working a 9-to-5 and brand new to business. Within a few weeks she had her first $10,000 month with $7000 in payments processed. Maria became fully booked without even having a website.

Maria Hayes, CEO Love Hayes LLC

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Andrea Lucchesi

When Andee came to me she was doing amazing work already, but was selling $3500 coaching packages and launching every month! She started charging multiple 5 figures for her private mentorship, launched a $30,000 mastermind program, restructured her business so it's more fun for her, and her clients are seeing multi 5-figure plus months in their businesses as well.

In four months working together, Andee made $435,000 in sales.

Andrea Lucchesi, Founder Of Andee Love

“I finally feel like I am in the driver's seat and am fully booked!”


Colleen Coles

"I’ve never felt more powerful than the day I signed up for this program. Before I was working with Ariel, I was barely scraping by and just hoping and praying the next client would come, one at a time. I didn’t know how to use my intuition in my structured business, and I didn't know how to make money consistently as a coach. Luckily, the day I signed up for Ariel’s program, the whole game changed. She made me realize I am the authority of my own life! I then made my biggest sale yet, $4500 and became fully booked. Now, I’m selling steadily, rather than running my business like a hobby and had my biggest month of over $13,000. I’m so grateful to Ariel for her service mindset and strong coaching. She saw my purposeful potential and lifted me to my own next level. I finally feel like I am in the drivers’ seat, following and creating my own desires.