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Do you want to have your first $10,000 month? How about your first $10,000 sale?

Do you want to book more sales calls asap?

Do you want to learn how to do this working only a few days a week? I've got you!

This is a self study course for coaches and consultants who want to start making 5 figure months with highly committed clients who get big results. 

Minus the....
Stress, endless hustle, ending up at zero in your bank every month, clients who can't pay, and working 24/7....everything you've been trying to do to create momentum that hasn't worked. 

There's nothing wrong with you, I promise! You just need to understand how to be the cause of your sales.

That's when booking clients you love becomes easy!



In 5 Weeks You'll Transform Yourself And Your Bank Account

Week One: 

  •  Get the awareness of why what you're currently doing is not working so that you can choose to change it
  •  Learn how to strengthening your trust in your own intuition
  •  Uncover the difference between your soul speaking and when fear is running the show
  •  Understand how to create consistent sales every month without panic or anxiety.

Week Two: 

  •  Raise your standard for receiving MORE than what you want. Not just the minimum.
  •  Know exactly how to close $10,000 in sales this week.
  •  Learn how to have confident and fun sales calls with high level clients only
  •  Close those sales calls every time, only when you love the client and know they will succeed.
  •  Understand how to compassionately handle any objections in your sales conversations.

Week Three: 

  •  Understand the key to receiving more accurate intuitive insight for yourself and your clients.
  •  Uncover where you are allowing struggle into your life and how to get rid of it immediately
  •  Start seeing the true desires that you have, but are currently unaware of or believe are not possible
  •  Get the exact equation for clients who succeed massively! This is how client results become your marketing.

Week Four:

  •  Understand how to get clients better and more consistent results
  •  Eliminate competition from your life for good
  •  Build unshakable confidence in your work with clients. You know when they work with you they will get a result. Period.
  •  Unlock the key to NOT working all the time and experience relaxation plus cash flow

Week Five:

  •  Understand how to attract clients to you with ONE livestream or post so they are SOLD before you even get on the phone.
  •  Easily write marketing that stands out to the clients YOU want. 
  •  Learn what really makes someone buy on the spot


  • 5 Weeks Of Video Trainings 
  • 5 FAQ Companion Audios For Each Module
  • Members Only Facebook Group For Community And Support
  • Immediate Access To All Materials
  • Bonus: 2 Live Calls (May and June 2018 ONLY)

Investment $997

(or 3 monthly installments of $400)

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