hey! I’m Ariel

I’m a Success Coach for driven female entrepreneurs

Welcome to my life and my story

I'm so glad that you're here. This timeline is such a testament to what is possible when you keep going and are relentless in pursuing your dreams. What I know for sure is that I'm just getting started. 

If you have questions or feel like this gave you the drive and motivation to press forward, I want to know about it!! Send me an email at ariel@arielfrey.com -- I read every single one!

Entrepreneurship Is Part Of Who I Am

Like you, I'm naturally creative! I love to teach people new things to help them in their life and am always looking for the possibility in everything. 

I knew very early on that I wanted to create things and give them to people. I was always creating art as kid. In high school I started designing and creating greeting cards. I wanted to sell them so badly at craft fairs, but no one else could see my vision! 

Mind you...this was BEFORE etsy!! 

I tried again in collage by getting started with my first MLM, but decided to focus on school instead and that's where my relentless path to success begins. 


Let's roll back to the ol' 2013 when I was just starting to figure out what I know I'm here to do on the planet -- help people. 

I had just gotten out of collage and was burnt out so I took a break for about 6 months. I worked in the restaurant industry because it was familiar to me. In total I worked in restaurants for 10 years, serving, making salads, bussing tables, and washing dishes. 

For those 6 months I took the time that I needed to learn and explore! 
That's when I really started to explore intuition and what it means to be tuned in to who you are, what you want, and creating the life you desire. 

I became certified as a Reiki Master Teacher and decided to start a Reiki energy healing business. I had the office, the table, the vision, but had no idea how to book clients. 

So I hung up flyers at whole foods and waited! 
When that didn't work I knew it was time to go searching the university of Google to figure out how to find clients online. 

I found ONE program. ONE. This was well before the internet marketing boom! The program was about how to identify your ideal client. That was my first business investment, $997. From there I went on to invest in a $16K mastermind where I was the youngest person at 22 years old. 


Moving right on into 2014 -- I kept investing in any program I could get my hands on to learn about business and how to build all of the structural pieces of an online business specifically. 

I felt like if I knew more, then I would somehow be successful! I'm totally a recovering perfectionist. 

What I learned is that making money in any business is not about knowing more. It's about deciding that you get to be successful and then finding a way to do it, while learning along the way. 

This is when the story gets really good!


After continuing to accrue lots of programs, knowledge and debt, I became a 24 year old chick with a dream, living in Chicago working as a server with no money. 

I hadn't actually taken any action on marketing and selling anything!! I didn't know what the hell I should sell and was scared out of my damn mind about starting. 

I had so much knowledge and so little confidence. 
Then the moment that change my life forever happened! I walking home, freaked the fuck out that I had negative $450 in my bank account at that moment and I decided to have a conversation with God -- please send me a miracle. I don't know what to do. 

Moments later I felt drawn into a bookstore that I'd never seen before. I had this feeling that I was supposed to find something so I walked around, knowing that I'd just KNOW when I saw it. 

That's when I heard very loud and clear in my head - TURN AROUND. 
I saw a book that I'd heard someone mention in passing -- The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind. 

I picked up the book and opened it. The page I opened it to was Chapter 9 'The power of your subconscious mind for wealth'. 

I knew miracles existed, but that was the moment I REALLY knew. 

Once I started reading I couldn't UNKNOW what I had learned. 
We create our realities from what we think about all day long! What we think and feel is what creates our beliefs about things -- what we can have, who we get to be, and who we can attract into our life. 

The ideas that pop into our head come from what we believe that we can have. 
So I knew that if I decided I could book my first client, then I would have the right ideas to make that happen. 

That's exactly what I did. 
In July of 2015 I had my first $2000 sale in my coaching business. I was teaching the technical aspects of setting up your online business. 

The more I continued to learn, the more that I incorporated into what I was teaching clients. 


By January of 2016 I had created 6 figures in revenue. 
6 Months later I had generated over $200,000 in revenue and had completed my first group program launch, which totaled out at $70K in sales. 

But bad news bears — I was burnt out AF.

I had scaled my business to multiple 6 figures by myself and worked 24/7

It wasn’t until I accidentally got pregnant and had a miscarriage that I really realized how much running my business was taking a toll on my health.

So I went in search of a different way to do business.

And I didn’t find it for almost two years.


Throughout that time I had major ups and downs in my business! I was getting my clients big results, but my own business was starting to fall apart, because I had lost trust in myself.

I wanted to find the magic secret key to making money and feeling good at the same time. I thought that it looked like a specific way of doing business or a certain strategy and I thought someone else had the answer.

I threw my whole business away and started from scratch.
I lived off of a loan for a few months.
I hired people who gave me bad advice.
I also happened to get pregnant again and couldn’t imagine how it would be possible to run my business with a baby.

Fertile myrtle over here!
That was one of the most challenging and stressful times in my life because I didn’t ask anyone for help or tell anyone what was really going on.

It was this strong belief that I couldn’t make money and have a baby that created that reality for me.

I was very pregnant, faced with bankruptcy and was keeping my head above water just enough, but truly didn’t know what to do. At this point I had invested well over $100K into my business.

Now I look back and am so grateful for this experience because the emotional strength I had to have to walk through that fire and get to the other side was an invaluable experience for me.

Then I had my daughter 😍


I’m pretty sure that I was making sales while in the delivery room!
A few weeks before I brought her into the world, I got my ass in gear and started selling. It was this feeling like — I can’t have a new baby and be in this situation.

She was born and I kept working from day one, but this time with a newborn on my lap and taking calls while she napped.

Within a few months I was back to doing $20K months in revenue and even had my first $100,000 month in sales which was a little over $80K in revenue.

I was helping my clients kill it in their own businesses as well.

Something still didn’t feel right though. I was making a lot of money, but my mind was always racing about where the next sale was going to come from. Not to mention that my overhead costs from mentorship and events were astronomical!

2018 - 2019

Then the calm finally happened and every piece of what I’d learned came together.

I took a little time to coast in my business where I wasn’t focused on hitting higher numbers every month so that I could recenter and focus on my own self trust and self worth.

It became so clear why I had so many ups and downs!
1. So many pivots, new strategies, and a lack of consistency
2. Not trusting myself and looking to everyone else for the answers.

Once I could see these gaps and spent time focusing on the mindset work of knowing that I do have the answers for my life and business — so do you — and trusted myself to create the vision I have, everything felt easier.

I found the safe, grounded, fulfilled feeling I was looking for with the success in business I wanted, while deeply serving people around the world.

The thing that blew my mind was that even through it all, I had done $1 Million dollars in revenue in under 4 years by myself.


I didn’t have investors. I didn’t have a big team. I had me, my assistant, and a spirit that never would give up.

You can create the life and business you want. You can serve the people you feel called to serve. You can live this life how you know you’re meant to.

But you’ve got to decide now that this gets to be true for you.
And every day you have to keep deciding.

I’m not successful in business because I showed up once. I’m successful because I was relentless with my vision, even when it got hard. I’m successful because I’ve done a fuck ton of mindset work and continue to do it every day.

I gave myself permission to learn along the way, didn’t make myself wrong for screwing up, allowed myself to pivot, and adapted quickly.

It will always be your decision to keep going that gets you where you want to be. Whatever you vision is, you can create it. This I know for sure.

I believe in you.

xo Ariel


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